I am a creative thinker & a beauty seeker.

01. I enjoy solitude although many have mistaken me for an extrovert.
02. I used to be a plant killer but now have 10+ big, lush leafy plants in my room.
03. I came to the U.S. by myself at the age of 14 as a political asylee.
04. I played the flute for 10 years and was a member of the Husky Marching Band.
05. I learned a lot of slang through watching K-dramas with English subtitles.
06. My favorite non-design classes in college are Astronomy 101 and Personality Psychology.
07. Lately I have been very intrigued by the discussion of internal monologue.
08. My real name in Chinese is Qiao, which literally means Bridge, hence how I got Bridgette.
09. I haven't seen my parents for ~9 years and am waiting for the day of our reunion.
10. My top 5 coffee shops: Herkimer + Milstead + MIIR + Porchlight + Miro Tea.
11. Some photos that I recently uploaded on Unsplash have reached >10,000 downloads.
12. I can't just drink water while working but have to either have coffee, la croix, or oatly.
13. Currently having Jonathan Ogden's Twenty Four beat tape on repeat.
14. Having found Blue Sky Church and its people is what makes Seattle home for me.
15. I am extremely self-aware and learning to become more other-centered.
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