Voyage UW is a travel magazine entirely crafted by undergraduate students at the University of Washington. With stories and photos that span from our home turf—the Pacific Northwest—and across the world, we seek to spark adventure and increase cultural + geographical awareness. As the designers, we have created several reading experiences that are clear, cohesive, and awe-inspiring, using content provided by a group of writers, photographers, and illustrators.

A set of three issues—with each focusing on one aspect of travel—that forms a cohesive and engaging reading experience while presenting written & visual stories from a diverse group of students within the university.

Delves into how moving beyond our comfort zone, both physically and psychologically, can trigger personal growth and healing as we open ourselves to moments of vulnerability and honesty.

Issue 7: Sustainability

Reflects on our appreciation for and collective impact on the world, exploring how we can be more conscious of our footprint when we travel.

Issue 8: Home

Explores the traveler's conceptualization of and relationship to home in ten stories, from being quarantined in a childhood home, to the feeling of home found in new and foreign cities, to the internal conflicts caused by the loss of a home.

My Spreads

From being a part of Voyage in my junior and senior years, I have had the pleasure to create layout for many unique stories. Below are some of my favorite pieces that I worked on, featuring artworks and photographs from Karen Wang, Tammy Hu, Evita Wijaya, Alina Chandra, and Laura Keil.

Main challenge

Our biggest challenge when designing for Voyage was working with different types of imagery and essay formats. While we strived to amplify each author's voice through a distinct look & feel, we also wanted to preserve the established brand for Voyage. Maintaining that unity across diverse pages required us to set up design principles and constraints. We also hosted weekly check-ins to receive feedback on both our assigned pieces and the issue as a whole.


Voyage is currently made of 24 UW students passionate about storytelling, drawing, photographing, and traveling. Although we come from different majors and harbor distinct hobbies, we have all found solace and excitement in sharing narratives that shatter stereotypes, embrace diversity, and reach beyond our bubbles of comfort.