—His Word Found Here

His Word Found Here was originally a bookstore + coffee shop in Seattle. It was somewhat significant to me because from there I bought my very first English Bible. I also named a Notes folder after it to curate my favorite scriptures. In 2019, the store permanently closed and became a memory to which I hoped to pay tribute. Having also been inspired by creatives who produce faith-centered work, I decided to use my senior capstone as an opportunity to envision a conference—under the name His Word Found Here—where these individuals could be highlighted and the topic of faith + creativity explored.

project outcome
A three-day conference that explores faith + creativity, centering around God's Word. It seeks to equip creatives with stronger theological foundations and tools to more effectively express their faith.

The target audiences of His Word Found Here are those who long to connect the dots between their identity as a Christian and their identity as a creative, in both their personal and professional lives. The conference will consist of main sessions, breakout sessions, creative workshops, and worship sessions. The event is set to take place in Joshua Tree, CA from June 13–15, 2021.


The finalized lockup is made of a type component and a form component in order to convey the coming together of faith—which is more concrete—and creativity—which is more abstract. Recognizing that there are various ways to create, I expanded the lockup to a total of 8, each with a unique form, color palette, texture, and movement.

Brand Application

The main challenge was to expand the system in ways that are memorable, but not repetitive. The final deliverable is a set of visually captivating items that knits together the whole experience from discovering to registering, from attending to leaving the conference.

Brand Application Overview
Brand Application — Billboard
Brand Application — Billboard
Brand Application — Poster
Brand Application — Social Media + Mobile Website
Brand Application — Desktop Website
Brand Application — Highway Banner
Brand Application — Ticket
Brand Application — Ticket
Brand Application — Conference Catalog
Brand Application — Lanyard for Volunteers
Brand Application — Lanyard for Sponsors
Brand Application — Lanyard for Speakers
Brand Application — Signage for Breakout Sessions
Brand Application — Signage for Breakout Sessions
Brand Application — T-shirt
Brand Application — Tote
Brand Application — Bookmarks with A Reading Plan, featuring Alabaster Co's Gospel Set
Brand Application — Stickers