—A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time is a children’s novel written by Penelope Lively. I was given the task to animate a title sequence that would draw the audience into the book’s universe without spoiling the storyline. To achieve that, I created artwork that reflects the book’s central theme—cross-stitching—and illustrated the main character's journey from a city to the beach town where the story took place.

project outcome
An animation that draws the audience into the book's universe by cross-stitching illustrations of key themes.

After reading through part of the book and explored a few themes that could be incorporated into the video, I decided on the overall art direction in terms of visual, typography, audio, and animation. Because Victorian Sampler—a cross-stitch piece that showcases one's skill in needlework—is such a crucial theme, I created artwork and typography by "cross-stitching" on Illustrator.