The National Parks Service (NPS) is a federal agency that preserves and promotes our national parks. However, its current site has no clear information architecture and fails to capture the excitement of visiting these parks. As a solution, my team and I reimagined and translated the platform into a mobile app by highlighting essential content, adding incentives for users to explore, and creating a visual identity that would inspire adventures.

Project outcome
A mobile app that guides the users to collect memories from national parks by creating a platform for them to browse and save parks of interest, earn a badge when visiting a park, and share their milestones with others.
The video prototype demonstrates the use case and overall flow of PARCA.
The poster highlights PARCA's main tasks and user flow.
The mental model of PARCA shows the information architecture within the app.
The brand guideline captures PARCA's vibrant look & feel.
App development

After initial research and ideation, we decided on the job, target audience, and main tasks of our app. We then explored three different directions that our app could potentially evolve into. After several rounds of feedback, we narrowed down to one refined concept and pushed it further.

badge illustration

We used badge-collecting as the main incentive for our users because of the nostalgia and excitement associated with it. After researching about the 60 national parks and determining the look & feel of our badges, we then each created 7 colored and 13 outlined badges. Each illustration is inspired by the corresponding national park’s most iconic landscape.

Badge-making marathon with the team (Ariel & Patricia).
next step

The PARCA team has been meeting biweekly to further unify our badges as a set, as well as to finish coloring the outlined badges. We hope to have them printed as vinyl stickers once print shops are open. Stay tuned!